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Lucerne Foods Commissary provides a variety of specialty grab’n-go products designed, developed, and packaged for the Foodservice and Convenience market. Lucerne Foods prides itself on the quality and food safety standards of the Commissary. Portion and cost control as well as consistency are of the utmost importance. Whether you are looking for specialty fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, and snack-trays or a hearty sub ready for the panini-grill, Lucerne has the expertise and range to develop a program that will delight your customers and achieve your corporate objectives.

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Commissary Shipping & Unit Specifications
Item Description Pack Size Shipping Weigh (lbs) Case Cube Pallet Pattern Pallets/Truck Cases/Truck
  Please note, all shipping and unit specifications vary due to the customized aspect of these products.
Fresh Sandwiches
Fresh Subs
Custom Sandwiches
CO2 Packed Sandwiches
CO2 Packed Burgers
CO2 Packed Subs
Fruit Trays
Deli Trays